The No Drip Lip by JagZel was born out of the frustration of making a sticky, oily mess when mixing a jar of healthy nut butter. We first started purchasing natural nut butters in an effort to reduce our sugar and salt consumption while eating healthier as a family. The process of mixing the separated oil into the nut butter paste always resulted in a oily mess cascading over the sides of the jars and forming an oil slick on the counter worthy of calling in a cleanup crew. This wasted our time in cleaning up the mess after mixing. In addition, due to the lost oil, the nut butter in the bottom third of the jars usually became too dry, such that we threw out a substantial portion of the nut butter brick at the bottom. We tried a variety of tools with which to mix the nut butter, including spoons, knives, forks, icing spreaders, and electric beaters. They all mixed the nut butter with varying degrees of success, yet all produced the same oily mess.  

We refused to accept this outcome and started problem solving. What if we took a different approach? Instead of focusing on the mixing tool, we decided to focus on keeping the oil from spilling over the jar during the mixing process. Henceforth, the No Drip Lip was born.

No Drip Lip

The No Drip Lip (NDL) is a tool made of 100% food-grade TPE specially formulated for fatty foods that fits onto the top of the nut butter jar, with convenient handles that both aid in pulling the NDL down onto the jar as well as holding it in place while mixing. It has angled sides that provides space for one’s hand to grip the mixing tool of your choice and stir the oil into the nut butter. The sides of the NDL trap any oils that escape the jar while mixing. As the oil runs down the sides of the NDL during mixing, it glides over the lip of the NDL back into the jar instead of spilling out of the jar. Then, when the NDL is lifted off of the jar, this pushes any remaining oil back into the jar, leaving very little mess on the outside of the jar itself. The NDL can then be hand-washed or washed on the top rack of the dishwasher. There will be no mess to clean up with appropriate use.

JagZel proudly donates 1% of proceeds to 1% of the Planet to support our natural environment.