No Drip. No Mess.™

Welcome to the world of the No Drip Lip! This tool allows one to mix a jar of healthy nut butter without making a mess.

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The NDL in Action.

The No Drip Lip Means Less Mess.


What’s in Your Jar?

The No Drip Lip you use depends upon what brand of nut butter is in your kitchen.

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Say Goodbye to Oily Counter Puddles

The days of oil dripping over the outside of the nut butter jar and making oily puddles on the counter are over, thanks to the No Drip Lip by JagZel™. This tool evolved from the desire to enjoy healthy nut butters without the frustration of the messy mixing process.

No Drip. No Mess.™

Easy to Use!

Watch the video below to see our NDL in action.

NDL w/ Knife

Stirring by hand with the NDL.

The No Drip Lip - Why People Love It

  • High Quality Materials

    Our products are made of 100% food-grade TPE specially formulated for fatty foods.

  • A Perfect Fit

    The sides of the NDL are designed perfectly to trap any oils that escape the jar while mixing.

  • Dishwasher Safe

    The NDL can be hand-washed or washed on the top rack of the dishwasher.

  • Convenient Design

    The NDL has convenient handles for placing and angled sides that make it easy to grip and stir.

Why JagZel’s No Drip Lip?

A few things of which we're extra proud.

JagZel’s No Drip Lip is proudly made in the USA and we strive to source all of our equipment and materials in the states.

Supporting Natural Foods

The NDL was developed to support our family's desire to eat healthier and is proud to play even a small role in making natural foods quicker and easier for all.

Giving Back

JagZel works to promote sustainable practices whenever and wherever possible.

What They Are Saying

A few kind words from real No Drip Lip users

We go through a ton of peanut butter in our house and so I'm very familiar with the dreaded new jar stir. The NDL has changed all that!

I always had to go slowly in the beginning to try to avoid making a mess, and it took forever to mix it. Not this time!

Stirring our organic peanut butter used to be a hassle and messy. Now it’s fun, and we fight over who gets to do it!

Made applesauce tonight, used your tool, pouring it into jars....I have mayo style jars that use regular size canning lids. It worked great, no leaks and cleans up easy....